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   Album - Strands of Gold



Strands of Gold   10.00  

Ageless words seen in a new light
Powerful, soul-inspiring words from the pens of respected, classical hymn-writers - reinvigorated through the fresh, evocative melodies and arrangements of Phil Baggaley, Ian Blythe and Dave Clifton.

With words by Frances Ridley Havergal, Horatius Bonar, Cecil Frances Alexander, Samuel Crossman, Folliot Sandford Pierpoint, Francis Rous, George Wade Robinson, Reginald Heber and John Newton.

Sung by Mal Pope, Julie Costello and Esther Alexander.








Amazing grace

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My song is love unkown

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For the beauty of the earth

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How sweet the name of Jesus sounds        


Holy, holy         


There is a green hill        


I heard the voice of Jesus say        


The Lord's my shepherd        


Take my life        


Loved with everlasting love        


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