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  Album - Shipwrecks & Islands



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A man - every man - stands safely on his familiar island watching the ships go by, when he hears an inner call to face the challenge of the pounding waves and reach out to the lost and broken.

With beautiful music and poetry from Mal Pope, Julie Costello, and Adrian Plass gently peeling back the layers of this struggle, the listener is taken on a liberating journey of comfort, hope and discovery towards a deeper understanding of Godís heart for the world.







Storm warning / This dark water






The whisper of the wild wind    


Winter waking    


Lay down the burden of your heart    


When I was small     


Holy ground    



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Shades of blue    


Love is stronger than fear    


Escaping the island    


Light of all lights    


Take my life    


It is finished    


What Jesus would have done

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Let your light break    



  •  '...treasure to be shared and passed on to others in need...'

      Direction magazine



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