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   Album - Lumière



Lumiere - Julie Costello   £10.00  

Inspired by The Carmina Gadelica, a 19th Century collection of Gaelic hymns, prayers and blessings, Julie Costello’s first solo offering on the Gold Records label is a refreshingly simple and beautiful album that somehow releases us from the daily busyness of 21st Century life and enables us to focus simply on our faith, life and family.

Truly unique, modern worship songs with centuries of God’s purpose, love and grace woven into them, Lumière  and Julie’s exceptional vocal talents should not be missed.







Morning prayer

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King of the moon

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May the road rise to meet you        


Lightener of the stars        


All of creation sings        


God to enfold me        


Land of angels        


Let your beauty dwell        




Evening prayer        


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