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   Album - City of Gold


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An award-winning debut album that sparked international critical acclaim, City of Gold sets out to paint a simple but inspirational picture of what Heaven might be like using a delightful and effective mixture of songs, poems, prose, humour and music.

Drawing on extracts from John Bunyan's famous 17th century allegory Pilgrim's Progress, with inimitable contributions from Adrian Plass and the exquisite vocals of Mal Pope and Julie Costello, this album has quickly become a firm favourite in many album collections throughout the world.







Peaceful shore (pilgrim's progress)






The golden city 

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How lovely is your dwelling place        


River of life (pilgrim's progress)         


River of life         


Heavenly playground        


The bells of the city rang         


The king who remembers my name        


Safe in your harbour        


Welcome dance        




No song on earth        



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This is your land

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Arrival at the city - pilgrim's progress        


Journey's end        


This is your land - reprise        



  •  'It is the most unique Christian album that I have ever heard'

      Fred Anson - P&W music reviewer, USA

  •  'A stunning project...... this is more than a concept album; it is a breathtaking work of art with the power to heal, comfort and envision'

      Cross Rhythms

  •  'This is a rare find a truly different concept from other albums, I have found it inspiring and moving and highly recommend that you give this one a go'

      Renewal magazine

  •  'Clearly we have here a classic which deserves to become the No.1 best-selling Christian album..'

      Direction magazine

  •  'It's evocative mix of music and word will touch many hearts'

      Worship Together magazine

  •  '..... this powerful work has opened my imagination to the things of heaven..'

      Angela Little - Premier magazine

  •  'England's best-seller is unique, thought-provoking and now available in the United States'

      CCM magazine



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