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Gold Records has been privileged to work with some of the UK's top Christian writing and recording artists over a number of years. They all share the vision of producing words and music that challenges, comforts, encourages and inspires - in a way that is relevant to the moments we all live in.

Below is just a sample of those who have been regularly involved in our projects, with links to where you can find out more about these very special friends.



Adrian Plass

  One of the UK's leading Christian authors. Adrian's first book - The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass aged 37 and a half - quickly became a national bestseller attracting a wide audience. Adrian lives in Sussex with his wife and four children, is a keen cricket follower and is in great demand as a speaker at conferences and events throughout the UK and abroad. Adrian Plass  


Mal Pope

  Widely known as a performer in his own right, with his band 'The Jacks', Mal has recently been busy as a music presenter with BBC radio and television in Wales. He has many solo albums to his credit; some of the most recent include Reunion of the Heart, Land of my children - a fresh look at many of the best-loved Welsh hymns and most recently, Mumbles to Memphis - a 'TV pilgrimage' to the Deep South of the USA, to search for the roots of Black Gospel Music. Over recent years Mal has toured with many well-known artistes including Art Garfunkel and Belinda Carlisle. See Mal's website for more information. Mal Pope  


Julie Costello

  Has many top Christian albums to her credit as a session singer, as well as touring and concert performances with artists such as Kim Wilde and George Michael. Her singing has graced Gold Records' albums since the inaugral City of Gold, with her first solo album - Lumière - being released in 2003. Julie Costello  


Esther Alexander


First discovered her passion for singing at the tender age of five and has been singing in one way or another ever since. Her early memories of music include the timeless classics of Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong but her more recent favourites include Jill Scott, Beth Orton, Sheryl Crow and Nelly Furtado. Working professionally as a session vocalist from the age of eighteen, Esther enjoyed experiencing a whole variety of musical styles.

However, singing other peoples songs was not enough and time with her piano and guitar resulted in her beginning to write some of her own and co-write with Gold Records' writer, producer and guitarist Phil Baggaley.
Esther's first solo album Rhyme or Reason was released May 2004. See Esther's website for more information.

Esther Alexander  


Jon Bowen

  As one of the co-writers for the Still Small Voice project, Jon added significantly to his growing reputation as a singer/songwriter with his first solo album - Still Small Voice of Hope - one of the 3 CDs in the triple album project. An accomplished session drummer and percussionist, often supporting live Gold Records events, Jon has also played with Celtic rock band The Crack. Jon Bowen  


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