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  Album - 12 Stories about Angels

    12 Stories about Angels CD cover

Twelve Stories about Angels   £10.00


A beautiful and poignant collection of music and poetry recounting stories about angels.

The poems are written and performed by best-selling author Adrian Plass, Radio 4ís Stewart Henderson, and well-known writer and speaker Michael Mitton.

The songs are performed by Mal Pope, Julie Costello & Esther Alexander.








The annunciation - Adrian Plass
Angels watching over me - Mal Pope
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Duntulm bay - Stewart Henderson




Angels and saints - Esther Alexander




A corner of Bangkok - Michael Mitton
Land of angels - Julie Costello


Snow - Stewart Henderson    


Angels on white horses - Mal Pope    


Angels at Dunblane - Michael Mitton
What a day that will be - Esther Alexander
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Angels - Mal Pope    


Entertaining an angel - Adrian Plass
Angels wings - Julie Costello
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Something like his father - Adrain Plass    


Speaking with the angel - Esther Alexander    


The Shepherds - Adrian Plass
Angels from the realms of glory - Julie Costello


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